Wow she is gorgeous! Mohammed Babaginda's new bride, check her out; they look really happy. Wha...

Wow she is gorgeous! Mohammed Babaginda's new bride, check her out; they look really happy. What do you say readers?

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Anonymous said...

You are not serious!!!

Anonymous said...

This bride has a body of a 10 yr old boy who has to pull all sort of tricks to gather her breasts into a AA cup bra. This is actually a quote from the IBB staffers in Minna.

Fatima said...

No front no back!!! she may a nice girl tho, i dnt knw her personally, but she's bn around. Stole my really good friends' boyfriend, used him and dumped him. is it u go girl or good for u, boyfriend? she broke his heart, bless him. hahaha, he deserved it i suppose

Anonymous said...

Wishing u a happy life

Ami said...

Check out his first wedding pix

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 2-did you say body of a ten year old boy? i think you dont know what a ten year old boy looks like. You see a woman with no excess fat on her and say she has to be a boy to have a gorgeous body like that. IBB staffers huh, go wash some plates or mow the lawn with your free time at least that will pay you more!!!

@ fatima, get your facts straight before you go talking trash.

People cant deal with the fact that some people do end up with the ones they love, but i guess they are too petty to admire a womans strenght for going for what she wants and ultimately getting it!!

I suggest all you haters to go to the nearest bar and have a cool glass of SOUR GRAPES.

Anonymous said...

Replying to the biatch who says she has the body of a 10 yr old. i wonder y he married her not you. i wonder y he decided 2 marry her not b4 but after marryin a woman with so-called breasts, myb his first wife wasnt just gud enuf and oh i wud luv 2 c wat u luk lyk. Such a liar ure not a staff..

Anonymous said...

It takes courage to stand all those maiduguri gals with their "malams, witchcraft" and all that. Umma u try, may God c u through their evils.wateva they may do u still stand above them coz his love for u aint witchcraft love its true love.

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